regulatory requirements & reporting

We are widely known for our superior accounting and tax services. We apply deep expertise in accounting and tax to help private foundations stay in compliance and be assured that they have the appropriate systems in place. 

Tax returns of family and corporate foundations are required by law to be available for public inspection, including the general public as well as regulators, on various Internet sites, including Consequently, your foundation’s tax return will have an impact – positive or negative – on your reputation. Good stewardship is essential, and it should be reflected on every tax return.
In addition, private foundations are subject to several unique tax regulations. Allow us to advise you on such issues as:

  • Review of all expenses based on IRS guidelines
  • Review of self-dealing, tipping and control issues
  • Calculation of the 5% distribution requirement
  • Creating a private foundation and application for tax-exempt status
  • Advice regarding proper procedures and documentation to avoid “excess benefit transactions” or private inurement
  • Structure of executive compensation, deferred compensation plans and qualified retirement plan benefits for employees
  • Treatment of lobbying or political activities

We can also manage all or a portion of your grant process by:

  • Establishing and monitoring grant review and approval timelines
  • Verifying grantees as qualified organizations and individuals
  • Providing, summarizing and monitoring grant applications, agreements and reports
  • Preparing and distributing grant checks and all communication with grantees
  • Paying fees and expenses
  • Tracking and continually updating financial records
  • Integrating matching contribution and volunteer hours reports into grants and financial reporting 

Additionally, we can assist you with: 

  • Detailed financial analysis
  • Grant activity and transaction reports
  • Grant history and analysis
  • Fees and expense reporting
  • Integrating asset portfolio into financial reporting
  • Preparing federal and state tax returns