grant administration

Our experience serving on the boards of not-for-profit organizations makes us especially well-suited to provide a variety of foundation services related to establishing policies and procedures. These services include:

  • Organizational and financial operations assessment and review
  • Strategic and business planning
  • Transition management
  • Board development and consulting
  • Internal control review and recommendations
  • Process improvement review
  • Organizational gap analysis
  • Operational and financial systems consulting
  • Preparation and filing of federal and state regulatory documents
  • Complete document preservation and data storage 

KSMCFS has partnered with MicroEdge, LLC the leading provider of software and services to the giving community worldwide, to provide our clients with world-class service and support.

Our web-based client portal provides a custom interface to the MicroEdge product, MyGIFTS, a complete online service that simplifies the acceptance and review of grant applications. MyGIFTS allows potential applicants to complete grant applications online, after first answering basic qualifying questions customized to your program. MyGIFTS makes it easy to organize, track and review requests for funding. It integrates seamlessly with the back-office PC-based system utilized by KSMCFS, GIFTS, to complete the grantmaking cycle – from charity research to compliance oversight, communication with grant applicants and recipients, and disbursements of grants. This service allows donors, directors or staff to spend their time reviewing the merits of a grant request, rather than the myriad administrative details.